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Warden Shortbow

About the Photographer

Photography has been a passion of mine for decades now. It dovetails nicely with my love of traveling and my enthusiasm for digital editing. I like images that evoke the feeling I had in a given moment. For me that tends to be rich color or high contrast black and white images. I am often enamored with small details or textures which sometimes capture the moment better than an entire scene.


Self Portrait, Agra, India, 2016

About Warden Shortbow

It can be a challenge to maintain the value of physical reproductions of digital images as they can easily be overprinted. The premise of this project and my commitment to anyone who purchases the images listed here is that I will number each print and increase the price of each print on each purchase. Each buyer will also know the number of buyers that came before. That means if someone does purchase the same print later, it will have a higher print number and a higher price, ostensibly demonstrating that the value of all previous prints has gone up to at least that level.

I will print at most one of each of the photographs listed here as a gift for friends and family, always numbered zero.